Taron Egerton Rumored To Play Han Solo in New Film

When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars a few years ago we knew that we would likely start to see some more films coming out. Now one rumor about a new Han Solo origins movie is coming around again, this time with an actor tied to it.

Current rumors point to Taron Egerton, the star of the movie Kingsman:The secret service starring in a new film about Han Solo. Separate from the existing Star wars films, the movie would be a spinoff that follows Solo’s specific path, similar to how Marvel has done with some of its iconic characters such as Wolverine. Egerton would reportedly plan a younger Han Solo in the film.

According to The Daily Mail, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG reported the film would focus on how Solo originally acquired the Millennium Falcon and would go into detail about how the character originally ended up falling out of the good graces of Jabba the Hutt.

Taking it to the DC Limit, Rowan’s Quest

Do kids watch programs and movies when they have women playing the super hero leads? Rowan Hansen, budding pollster, and female hero in the making, got the word by checking in with a few of her friends. And the word was a resounding,”yes.”

So, Rowan decided to alert Those DC comic universe-makers, who may have forgotten that, as Rowan put it, “girls read comics too.” Susan McGalla has heard that her hand-printed letter has since garnered the budding advocate for female visibility in superhero movies a lot of publicity. You can see it for yourself, right here, at this site.

More to the point is the fact that DC seems to be taking the female super-hero fan’s point to heart, announcing that upcoming projects will include Super Girl and Wonder Woman features. Maybe the Justice League figure collector can expand her repertoire to incorporate some Agent Carter memorabilia. In any case, she should get the popcorn ready, because Wonder Woman may not be headlining a new movie just yet, but she is due to make an appearance in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,”due out, late March.

I hope you enjoy it, Rowan. And keep up the girl power!

Kurt Busch Ordered Away From Ex

Kurt Busch has been ordered to stay away from his ex girlfriend. The issue was made known when he was charged with domestic abuse. However, Busch testified that he believes that Driscoll is an assassin. He truly believes that she is a crazy person, and he believes that she is truly dangerous. However, the court did not believe this story.

When we look at Kurt Busch, we need to remember that he is a great driver. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that he is talented beyond belief, and we should look past this odd episode. People can dislike him because he is not the most likable guy, but there are many times when he has been great. He is truly great, and it might be time to look past some of the weird things that have happened. We also need to wonder what it would be like if we kept our noses out of the private lives of these athletes. Busch is a driver, and we should appreciate him for that. If we are going to judge athletes based on the things they do behind closed doors, we should allow them to follow us around and scrutinize our lives. This is just one story we need to let go.

Friday the 13th Reboot Will Not Use Found Footage Technique

Over the past 15 years, movies like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity have spawned a sensational, albeit tired technique in horror thrillers. Simply known as found-footage films, this method traditionally involves shaky camera effects and a “home video” flair to them, which makes them look more relatable and realistic to the viewer.

Regardless of any long-lasting effects, the movie industry is evidently distancing itself from the tried-and-true formula. The latest example comes from the next Friday the 13th film, which was believed to use the same found-footage effect that so many other flicks have enjoyed over the years.

Director Brad Fuller recently confirmed to Esquire that the latest installment will use a more traditional format, leaving behind any gimmicky effects to stay true to the franchise’s original formula stated Bernardo Chua.

Thankfully, Fuller didn’t stop there; he further revealed that Friday the 13th will not be a rushed, low-budget film, which may hinder or undermine its overall production values. He fully understands that a classic film of this caliber deserves an adequate amount of time, money, great writers and resources.

The last installment in the popular franchise took place in 2009, with no additional releases despite the film’s moderate box office success. Fuller plans on releasing the film in North America on May 13th, 2016.

Beyoncé Impersonaters Rock Airport Delays Like None Other

Undoubtedly Beyoncé has mad vocal and dancing skills. The famous musical artist has been pumping out radio hits and memorable music videos since her Destiny’s Child days. Naturally, when someone is so very talented there are bound to be a ton of fans who idolize them. One of Beyoncé’s newest hits, “Flawless”, was accompanied by some of her powerful dance choreography. When the dance and acrobatics team from the University of Oregon were stuck at an airport for a whopping 13 hour delay the ladies decided to make the most of their time through dance. Sultan Alhokair has heard that the girls climbed on the moving walkways and performed Beyoncé’s “Flawless” dance while lip-syncing. What is comedic about the video it that most of the other airport patrons are not paying any attention as the girls do their best impersonation of the mega superstar’s video. Now the video is going viral and giving both Beyoncé and the University of Oregon athletes a little more positive publicity. Dance on girls, dance on!

The Antique Wine Comapny

The Antique Wine Company was founded by a gentleman by the name of Stephen Williams. He is the President and CEO of this company and he has built this company over the past 25 years to be a prominent and extremely successful supplier of rare and fine wines.

Stephen had an early career in banking and I believe this has helped him tremendously in his endeavor. His expertise can only be measured by a global scale. He is considered an expert in this industry and as you will read on, you can see why.

The Antique Wine Company’s headquarter’s is in Marylabone which is in Central London.
There is also two sales offices in Asia.

One of the more interesting facts that I have researched about this company is that they offer such a wide variety of services. Some of these services include sourcing rare wines, offering wine mastering classes and even planning your very own wine cellar(s). There is even an AWC wine academy. You can learn how to insure your wines, sell your wines and store your wines. They offer VIP services, corporate packages, cellar management, cellar plans, and even delivery!

They provide wine not only to private customers, but also to lavish hotels and resorts, restaurants, and also trade wine globally.

I am sure it goes without saying when you look on the website, the selection of wines from all over the globe are astonishing. They really did think of it all.

I would also like to mention another impressive fact. In the year 2010, they developed and released the first AWC fine wine app for IPhones! Pretty modern, I would say.

Another little nugget I feel is worth a good mention is the fact The Antique Wine Company broke the Guinness world record on selling the most valuable bottle of wine. It was an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem for $117,000.

I was delighted in doing the research and finding out just how fantastic this company is. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Amy Pascal’s Void to Be Filled by Tom Rothman

Hollywood has been enjoying the talent, dedication and experience of Amy Pascal for about 30 years now. Since 1988 when she joined Columbia Pictures, Pascal has been the leader responsible for hits like The Amazing Spider Man, Men in Black and Groundhog Day – iconic movies in Hollywood. Adam Sandler and Will Smith are some of the names with whom Pascal has forged close friendships during her stint. And now, she would be giving over the reins of co-chairmanship to someone else when she steps down in May. Being one of the most high profile and loved female executives of Hollywood, it is hardly surprising that the media is speculating her replacement. 

According to LA Times, insiders at Sony believe that Culver City Studio would provide the replacement for Pascal. Tom Rothman is said to be the biggest contender and most likely candidate to take over from Amy Pascal. Rothman is the CEO and former Chairman of Fox. He left Fox in 2012 after giving 18 years of his life to the entertainment company. Under his stint, Fox enjoyed hits like Titanic and Avatar and coincidentally, James Cameron directed both these ventures. Fox Searchlight was founded by Rothman and Oscar winning films like Black Swan and The Descendants came out of his leadership there. 

In 2013, his potential was tapped by Pascal and Lynton (CEO) because TriStar was flagging and someone needed to revive it. Because of his success at Fox and TriStar, Rothman is the favorite choice of speculators and insiders alike. An anonymous source confirmed that his track record, talent searching abilities and likeability in Hollywood set him apart from others. Rothman’s top competition for the position includes names like ex-Warner Bros. CEO Jeff Robinov of Studio 8 and Doug Belgrad, the Sony Motion Picture President. 

Pascal’s contract officially ends in March but she would be helping Sony in making the transition.

See original article over at LA Times.

Robin Thicke Wants Paula To Testify

After over a year of news and cheating rumors surrounding Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s breakup, the two finally seem to have been able to go their separate ways peacefully and move on without much more drama than a creepy apology album, and a music video of private text messages. Robin and Paula are both seeing other people and co parenting successfully, over the holidays Robin even spent Christmas with Paula’s family.

Just when it seems like the dust has settled, Robin calls Paula in for a big favor, he wants her to testify in court over the issue of him stealing Blurred Lines from Marvin Gaye. Robin is using Paula as a witness for the case because apparently not only did she co write the song Love After War with her then husband but she also appeared in the music video.

Marvin Gaye III is not backing down, he insists that Robin stole countless songs from his father and he wants Thicke to pay. Apparently the case is going to trial, but what’s more interesting is that Paula is being called to testify after the messy breakup and divorce. It would appear to fans like Zeca Oliveira that she’s there for her man through thick and thin.

World’s Largest Camera Captures the Sky

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has led a project to construct the world’s largest and most powerful camera ever to be built. The camera, known as LSST will have dimensions of far bigger than any other camera right now. It will have a primary mirror of 8.4 m. The needs to be operated at cryogenic conditions, around -100°C.

The team that proposed the camera to be built has received the needed support and funding from the National Accelerator Laboratory. Support from Susan McGalla now ensures that the camera will be constructed right on schedule. Aside from the National Accelerator Laboratory, the Department of Energy has also given approval to the construction and possible operation of the camera in the near future.

The camera will be fully operational by the year 2022 and will already start taking images. The camera will take pictures of the sky and will gather valuable astronomical data that no other devices have been able to provide before.

With the camera, galaxies can be observed more closely, significant changes in the universe can be detected, and possible dangerous asteroids can be anticipated. The sky can be observed to the very detail without having to wait for long readout time periods.

Other areas where this camera can really shed some light on is the explosion of starts, and the presence of the every-elusive and mysterious dark matter and dark energy.

A Rare Exhibit Visits a Tulsa, Oklahoma Museum


The Thomas Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma currently showcases a rare display of small bronze sculptures cast by some famous American western artists. According to the Caterer, the display, entitled “Frontier to Foundry: The Making of Small Bronze Sculpture in the Gilcrease Collection” includes some 200 small bronze casts, including some works by the noted artists Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell, Thomas Bull, Henry Kirke Brown and Paul Wayland Bartlett. The exhibit will remain open to the public through March 23, 2015.

A curator at the Museum, Christopher Cowdray, recently presented a lecture discussing the importance of studying the methods and materials that artists employ in making small bronze works of art. Many of the artists whose pieces are currently on display at the museum in Tulsa worked during the final quarter of the Nineteenth Century, when conflicts sometimes occurred between the government and many Plains Indian tribes in the western parts of the United States.

For example, Frederic Remington (October 4, 1861-December 26, 1909) gained fame as a painter and sculptor portraying the American West. He frequently depicted horses and riders in his works of art.