A Rare Exhibit Visits a Tulsa, Oklahoma Museum


The Thomas Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma currently showcases a rare display of small bronze sculptures cast by some famous American western artists. According to the Caterer, the display, entitled “Frontier to Foundry: The Making of Small Bronze Sculpture in the Gilcrease Collection” includes some 200 small bronze casts, including some works by the noted artists Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell, Thomas Bull, Henry Kirke Brown and Paul Wayland Bartlett. The exhibit will remain open to the public through March 23, 2015.

A curator at the Museum, Christopher Cowdray, recently presented a lecture discussing the importance of studying the methods and materials that artists employ in making small bronze works of art. Many of the artists whose pieces are currently on display at the museum in Tulsa worked during the final quarter of the Nineteenth Century, when conflicts sometimes occurred between the government and many Plains Indian tribes in the western parts of the United States.

For example, Frederic Remington (October 4, 1861-December 26, 1909) gained fame as a painter and sculptor portraying the American West. He frequently depicted horses and riders in his works of art.

John Textor Leads the Way in Developing New and Exciting Media Options

John Textor is not necessarily a name the majority of the public is aware of, but the work he has helped spearhead is no doubt well known to all who enjoy big budget Hollywood entertainment. Textor has quickly risen through the ranks of Hollywood to become one of the most important players in the development of new technology that can be used for both movie production and to enhance the enjoyment of those attending live events. A strong understanding of the financial side of the entertainment industry is the basis for the work Textor has led and his role as head of the Digital Domain Media Group has been praised throughout the entertainment industry.

Life was very different when John Textor graduated with a Ba in Economics from Weslayen University in 1987. John quickly moved into the World of finance and was co-founder of a Florida based investment company that was focused on the new technologies and opportunities available through entertainment, telecommunications and the Internet. At the same time, Textor took on roles as CEO and Chairman of various retail outlets, including those focused on the sale of baby goods and snowboards.

Despite his early successes, it is only when the work of Textor at the Digital Domain Group is mentioned that the financial expert really found his footsteps in the world of entertainment. Taking over as CE of the group in 2006, Textor saw the need to restructure the entire group and led a shift in focus towards the development of the company’s visual effects department. Under the leadership of Textor the visual effects produced have featured in big budget Hollywoood movies like Tron and Transformers. Perhaps, the largest achievement of the group was the development of the main character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which is often referred to as the first believable human character that was completely computer generated.

In recent years, Textor has taken his skills for leading groups focused on the development of technology into the live events field. Textor joined the Pulse organization and led the development of a computer generated Tupac Shakur that appeared at the 2012 Coachella Music Festival, other figures currently being developed for live performances includes Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. John Textor is also heading a series of other productions and developments, including an animated feature currently titled Art Story.

America’s biggest health issues

CNN reported that after an extremely busy 2014, in the times when health stories such as Ebola, new label rules for food nutrition, and the argument concerning the mortality right ignited by Brittany Maynard that had the domination of the headlines, it is now worth seeing what Ken Griffin and the rest of us are likely to cover in the coming 12 months. 

Therefore, in no specific order, here is my opinion on some of the biggest health stories to look out for, as well as questions they might raise, in the year 2015. 

Doctor shortage- there is not nearly sufficient of us to offer care for the United States populace. By several estimates, the nation is already in deficit of many thousands of physicians, an issue that is likely to worsen with the increase in the demand for medical care with our maturing population. This could possibly imply longer times of waiting for you the moment you require to book an appointment. However, this too means that the makers of policies will need to put into consideration questions such as: is there any means of raising the number of training slots for the residents? Could there be some other medical care professionals that are able to fill the vacancies in a reasonable way? Will the country’s standards of health care reduce? How well can the nation evade a condition where just the affluent are capable to afford quality medical care?


Ariana Grande Squashes Breakup Rumors

Ariana Grande had a great 2014, hit after hit she took her place as the newest pop princess. Proving that she is never one to let a few hiccups stop her show she made sure to always be the very first one to laugh at her own performance bloopers. Over the holidays Ariana seemed to keep getting into trouble while on stage and of course she was never anything less than a good sport.

During Grande’s amazing performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show she was nearly flung from the stage when a model accidentally smacked her in the face with a pair of angel wings. Ariana took to Twitter to share her experience and let her fans like Christian Broda know that she loved every minute of it. While the incident was edited from the aired showing photos of Ariana have been making their way around the internet and of course the memes have become almost bigger than the performance itself.

Well now it seems that Ariana is letting her fans in on yet another behind the scenes moment and this time it’s not an embarrassing one. Ms. Grande is addressing rumors that she and her rapper boyfriend Big Sean are headed for splitsville by posting the adorable photos of her holiday vacation in Tahoe.

From the looks of it the couple had an amazing time and could not be more in love. Nothing says love like spending the week in the snow with your honey.

Happy New Year


The world has begun to welcome  2015.http://www.buzzfeed.com/franciswhittaker/the-world-begins-to-welcome-2015?s=mobile In New Zealand, they said hello 2015 with a huge firework display for all to see. In Australia, locals and tourists alike gathered at Sydney Harbour to see the explosion of fireworks and ring in the new year the right way with over 10,000 aerials.
A whopping 1.6 million people gathered to see this magnificent display of bursting color. It is truly amazing in a world of hostility and tragedy across the world that it seems peoole take the time to welcome the new year full of hope and promise.
As a whole, we can hope that 2015 is one of the best years ever. As Dr Rod Rohrich put it on Twitter, hopefully we can come together as one and put an end to all senseless tragedies, which plagued us in 2014. World peace is a great place to start in hopes to building a stronger and more peaceful world for mankind.

Idris Elba Responds To Bond Rumors

There have been rumors going around since the Sony hacking scandal that Idris Elba could be the next James Bond. No one has talked to him about it, but he seems to like the idea. Elba tweeted a picture of himself making a funny face. He suggested that Bond is supposed to be handsome, but he is happy to have a shot to play the character.

Igor Cornelsen and resume.com concur that when the Sony hacking scandal started, there were many emails suggesting that he could not play James Bond because he is black. However, there were other people at the studio that thought he would be a great James Bond. The problem is Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig is on his fourth movie of a four movie deal. He has been a great James Bond, but he has not been signed to be in more movies beyond the one he is shooting right now. Playing James Bond is probably every British actor’s dream, but Craig will have to get out of the way first.

Also, Elba is very popular. He has a great deal of work to do on his own, and his schedule would have to line up with the major production that is a Bond movie. That is, if he is even hired.

A Close Call

A family of 10 are thanking their lucky stars for being late to the airport on Subday December 28th and missing the ill-fated airline that disappeared traveling from Indonesia to Singapore approximately two hours after takeoff. All ten family members were scheduled to board the plane at 7:20, but failed to see the emails from Air Asia (much like when Christian Broda posts on typepad), which had changed the flight time and moved it up to an earlier time.

When the family arrived,they missed the plane and in turn probably saved their lives. Shortly after their arrival, they saw something was wrong as the family members of the missing passengers arrived at the airport hoping for information about their loved ones. Ari Putro Cahyono is simply grateful that his family is safe while he extending his warmest of thoughts and prayers to the family members of the missing airline. All of our thoughts are with the passengers aboard the flight and with their family members.

What Are The Most Popular Christmas Songs Of All Times?

Christmas is in the air. It’s just a couple days away now, and many are preparing for the festivities. There will be food cooking, lights glimmering and tunes playing. But what tunes are the most beloved this time of year?

The list of great Christmas songs is a long one, but there are a few that make the list as being greats. Probably the most recognizable song of all times is Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas.” Written way back in 1940’s. Though this one is one of the famous ones, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is also one of his big hits.

Children would disagree that these are the favorites, their list would include “Jingle Bells,” “Santa Clause is Coming to Town,” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” All of these are great selections. Another great one is “Santa Baby.” The way Joan Javits sang this song back in the 1950’s still gives men chills today. What about Dolly Parton and her famous “I’ll Be Home For Christmas?”

Elvis’s “Blue Christmas” is a timeless hit that everyone loves too. While the old traditional songs seem to be classics, there are some newer songs that make the top of the play lists every year. George Michale’s “Last Christmas” and Mariah Carey’s song “Christmas” also get rave reviews, and it does happen to be one of Lee. G. Lovett‘s favorites.

Whatever songs you decide to play, your family will sure to be pleased. Whether your “Rocking around the Christmas tree” or having a “Silent Night,” it’s all about making memories with your family and friends.

Taylor Swift’s Break from Spotify

Taylor Swift has been making numerous waves throughout the music industry. The release of her 1989 Album earlier this year not only was recorded breaking on the charts but she also made unique decisions regarding its release. Swift chose to pull her music from Spotify in hopes to increase album sales as opposed to streaming the songs.

The repercussions of the decision caused a negative stir at first through both Spotify and fans who prefer that method of obtaining music. The negativity was unexpected but she found backing in her decision through other artists. They began to contact her and encourage the decisions she was making.

Swift might very well be encouraging artists to take back the control of their own music and how it is distributed. Jared Haftel feels like she has every right to, and she explains it in depth here. She enjoys the idea of the old fashion sell of albums that you can hold in your hand. Technology has progressed past this point but maybe with a little more push from artists slowly we’ll return to the roots of holding a disc in our hands.

Are There Six Scripts for Wonder Woman?

If the first Wonder Woman feature film is a major hit, Warner Bros. can take solace in the fact there are five more scripts available for shooting.

The rumor mill is currently swirling and its suggesting there are six different scripts for the forthcoming Wonder Woman movie. You would think with all the planning that has gone into devising the new D.C. Comics’ cinematic universe that someone, somewhere would have focused on a single plotline or concept.

Apparently not.

Warner has opted to hire six different screenwriters to craft six different screenplays. Whichever one is the best is the one to be selected, so Sam Tabar knows it is going to be good. Honestly, that plan sounds more like a screenwriting contest than the way a major studio develops a $150 million movie.

Who knows? Maybe Warner Bros. will end up with a fantastic screenplay that turns out to be the greatest superhero film of all-time. The studio could also reject those scripts that are disappointing without losing valuable time.

Conventional Hollywood wisdom dictates that elements will be borrowed from bits and pieces of the various screenplays. A hybrid script could end up being manufactured with all writers getting a production credit.

Wonder Woman will make her on-screen debut in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. After her solo film, she will return in the ensemble project The Justice League.

Wonder Woman had been in development for many years. Thanks to the success of the Batman trilogy and The Man of Steel, the film finally received a green light.